Monday, December 8, 2008

Rosa - 11 days old

Rosa is 11 days old today and gosh, its been a journey so far. The first few days were a scream marathon with her reacting to my milk coming in with windy episodes of hours of screaming. Then the next couple of days were good with her feeding 3 hourly and sleeping well, and then another few days of unsettledness. She is doing o.k though really, I think we have just forgotten how difficult it is figuring out these little baby people and their signs. She is up to birth weight by now (in fact she put on 300gms in 4 days which is awesome considering 30gms a day is a good gain. Fingers crossed I don't have the same feeding issues I did with George this time round.

She goes to bed at around 9pm and sleeps until 12.30-1am, then back down until 4am ish. Then if we are lucky she'll go down again until 7.30am like she did last night.

George is finding having a little sister abit of a learning curve but is doing pretty good in all. He's just learnt to do new naughty things like yell, say no, draw on carpet etc... but all in all he's pretty good.

My midwife should come around later this week so fingers crossed Rosa is still steadily gaining weight. She is a beautiful wee thing... looks so much like her Dadda and Nanna Moon.

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