Thursday, September 18, 2008

30 weeks pregnant - The Countdown

Well, I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and all is on track! My health is really good and all tests (glucose, iron, BP etc) have come back awesome. Our darling little girl is head down and measuring perfect for dates so now she's just going to get chubby and more clever in there until she runs out of room.

I haven't experienced any issues with swelling or heartburn this pregnancy, just feel like she is much lower than George was so the waddle has started a little earlier. Our midwife Ruth is fantastic and makes me feel so relaxed about the coming weeks. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet but we are planning to birth Baby Caterpillar at home! So exciting... we will have a birthing pool delivered to the house and everything we need including mild pain relief, suction and oxygen for baby should she need it, monitors...the works! I think its going to be a wonderful experience to have her at home, Sean will deliver her if he feels comfortable with that and George can be there if he wants too and the birth is during the day. Fingers crossed my health says good and thats what we'll be doing!

We are finally going to get Baby Caterpillar's room sorted this weekend. Need to repaint her drawers and wash her nappies, put the cot together and start painting all the artwork for her room. Still need to buy a new change table too. Its going to look very pretty when its finished and I'd like to get it sorted by the time I go on parental leave (6 weeks!) so that I can spend the last few weeks relaxing and spending time with George.

Will have to take another belly shot this weekend to post as well.

Only 8-12 more weeks little girl and you will be in our arms. George, Dadda and I can't wait to meet you! xx

Old Pic... 25 weeks and popping!