Thursday, January 29, 2009

9 weeks old, giggling gertie!

Mum made an interesting comment to George today as we walked through the Botanic Gardens. George reached out to grab a rose but got grazed by a thorn. Mum said to him ' Roses are very beautiful but you must be careful as they can scratch you'... it made me think about Rosa and the many sides we have seen of her so far. She is incredibly beautiful in our eyes... when she smiles her eyes make your heart hurt. Then hours later we can see the darker side to her, miss grumpy. It will be interesting to see how her personality develops.

When George was born, my friend Arafelle did an astrological birth chart for George based on the time and place where he was born. On rereading the chart now 2.5 years on it is amazingly accurate. Explains his little personality in amazing accuracy. Arafelle kindly did a chart for Rosa also and it does paint her to be a child of fiery nature. Wish us luck!

She is truely a blessing though. We have our rough days but most of the time she is soooo good. We went up to Waipu for Auckland Anniversary Weekend to see Oma and Opa. She was SUCH a good baby and slept through the night on the first night (just as well cause Mama had had a couple of vinos). She charmed everyone with her big smiles and chatty baby noises.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

8 weeks today!

Wow time is going too fast. Rosa will be 3 mths old before we know it! Not alot to report about our darling really. She is doing so well and pretty settled. She goes for a couple of short naps in the mornings then a big 2.5 hour sleep in the afternoon but then from 3pm - 7pm she pretty much snacks and snoozes and fusses a little. I think it could also be the heat at this time of the day and this means she finds it hard to relax and go down for a proper nap. Can't really complain though.

She has gone back to waking in the night again but only once at around 3am, she feeds and then is back asleep within 20mins.

She is starting to really chuckle and coo now and looks around at everyone. She really pays attention to George much more too and he loves her so much. Always cuddling up and wanting to give her kisses.

Plunket Nurse came today and Rosa weighs 5.53 kgs (12.2 lbs) and is 59.5 cms tall! She is tracking above average for her height and weight. All looks good with her except for her poor little belly button. One of the vessels hasn't healed properly and she has a red bit sticking out of her belly. Its not to be worried about too much but as it hasn't healed in 8 weeks I've decided to get the GP to fix it with some silver nitrate. Can't have our little lady with a funny belly button!

Friday, January 16, 2009

7 weeks old and doing soooo well!

Wow, our little girl is growing so fast. On her 5 1/2 week weigh in she was 5.11kgs and 58.5 cms long, HC of 38.5 cms. She is a calm little girl with ready smiles and is really very alert. She has been sleeping through the night now for almost a week straight. At least 7 hour stints and one night she did from 8.30pm - 5am! Can't believe it. She likes to be held alot and only snack and snooze in the late afternoon but once I started not fighting her on that it becomes doable. She now kicks about on her bouncinette or under her playgym while I fix a quick dinner or help George with something.

George is really really awesome with her and you can see in his little face he really loves her. He often sits next to me while I'm feeding her and stroked her head or hand or foot.

All in all an amazing little girl. So alert and placid natured, she looks like she can see into your soul when she looks at you. Darling Rosa, Dadda, George and Mama love you so much! Thank you for making our little family complete.