Sunday, February 22, 2009

12 weeks old!

Well Rosa has had a busy few weeks. She got the first of her immunisations which effected her quite badly. She didn't end up sleeping properly for a couple of days but we got there in the end. She is now 5.9 kgs and 62 cms long. HC 41cms. Not much of a mover this little bubba. George was rolling by now but she has only done it a couple of times but mostly likes standing and trying to sit up.

She is waking once in the night at around 4-5am most nights. Occasionally she'll wake twice but that is only if she had an unsettle day the day before. She is such a sweet wee thing and smiles lots as well as grunts. Our little piglet! She has started to do real little giggles when I tickle her and she loves watching George rush about.

She only does a poo every 7-8 days or so which is quite good on the ol' nappy washing but it does bother her abit come the 7th day. She has a wee sore tum and grizzles abit but once she goes she's all happy again.

Our mission for the next month or so is to get her to take a bottle. She doesn't like them and gets very upset when we try to give her one. Although our friend Saffron gave us a Tommie Tippee bottle to try which she does like better. Will suck on it a little but doesn't take a whole feed. Will keep persisting though as it would be nice to have a break occasionally. ALSO, what will I do when I go back to work???!!!!