Monday, June 23, 2008

18 Weeks!

Well the countdown is on... in a week we will be going for our next scan and hopefully find out the flavour of our little baby caterpillar. We are very excited and I have refrained from buying anything new as yet until we know what we are expecting.

BC has been moving about lots and lots and keeping me on my toes. I feel like the baby is quite deep inside my pelvis alot of the time cause I look down at my belly and I don't look pregnant at all. And then suddenly BC will move out and up and my belly looks lopsided. :)

Morning sickness has more or less disappeared thankfully and I'm starting to be able to stay awake longer at night. Although the warm winter fire does tempt me to dose on the couch some nights.

Hopefully next week we'll have some pics to post of our little Baby Caterpillar. Countdown, 22 weeks to go. :)