Saturday, December 27, 2008

One month old today!

Well, time certainly does fly. Our wee girly is a month old today and I really can't believe how quickly the time has gone. It only seems like last week we were struggling through those early days, in tears and wondering what the hell had happened to our lovely calm household! Now things seem to be going pretty well. Rosa is piling on the weight without any bottle top ups unlike George at this age. She is also sleeping pretty well during the day, usually about 3 naps of 2 hours each... sometimes more. At night we try to get her into bed around 8.30/9pm and the last 3 nights she has only woke once!

Not getting alot of smiles out of her yet... just once and awhile. But she is showing us when she is excited by opening her mouth wide and kicking her legs. Her eyes are huge and she looks around and at people too, especially her Mama. She can hear my voice in the room and turn to try and find me. Bless.

George loves her dearly and is being ever so awesome with her. He gives her lots of cuddles and is much more tolerant when she is upset than he used to be.

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