Friday, December 19, 2008

Our chubby Bubba

Well Rosa is 3 weeks old as of yesterday and doing so well. She has put on almost 350gms over the past week so that means she is putting on around 50gms a day! She is being exclusively breastfed and we had issues with George putting on weight as a baby so it is nice to know that things seem to be going o.k so far.

She has started to do the occasional smirk and making little noises which is so cute. She really is quite a good baby, feeding 3 hourly and sometimes 4 hourly overnight. I hope that over the next few weeks she starts to stretch that night sleep out a little. Oh for 4-5 hours sleep in a row! :)

George really loves his baby sister but does still find it hard not having our instant attention at times. I'm sure as the weeks tick past he'll get used to it more and more though.

Next week is the last visit from my midwife Ruth... I'm feeling a little sad about saying goodbye to her to be honest. She is so amazing and such an awesome midwife, it almost seems a shame that we won't be using her again. Two kids is enough for us... so far!

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