Saturday, March 14, 2009

15 weeks old...

O.k, I don't want to focus on the time thing but really, it is going sooo fast. Each week brings new adventures with Rosa and new little things she does and I can't believe that shes now almost 4 months old. I sometimes still feel like it was yesterday that I was pregnant and anticipating the birth. Maybe its because she'll be our last baby that I feel so sentimental and am in no rush to have her grow up.

Anyway, enough hormonal rambling... Rosa is just awesome. She is feeding around 7.30/8am most mornings and feeds pretty much 3 hourly throughout the day. She is still exclusively breastfed but I will probably start to give her the odd bottle of formula in the next month or so as I'm returning to work in May. I thought about expressing full time but with two kids and a full time job to juggle I just don't think I'll be able to express at work. So she'll have one bottle of BM and one of formula each day when I go back.

Rosa is making loads of noise now, she chats away and responds with big squeals all the time. She also has started rolling all the time now but gets a little frustrated at the process of it. Finally yesterday she took a bottle for the first time! Yippee! That was really starting to worry us. She also took another one today so fingers crossed if we give her a bottle a day she'll get used to it real soon.

She wakes twice in the night again now. Not sure why but I'm just hoping its a growth spurt. Its not too bad really as she feeds and 10 mins later shes back in bed asleep. I try not to get grumpy at the wake ups as they won't last for long (ummmm, maybe!) and soon she'll be a big girl and I'll miss those snuggly nighttime cuddles and feeds.

She has a cat nap in the mornings of about an hour or two half hour naps if we are on the move doing stuff. Then she goes down with George around 12.30/1pm and sleeps for 3 hours usually which is great. It means she doesn't have those arsenic hours before bed and come 6.30pm she is ready for her bath and then bed between 7.30-8pm after big feeds.

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Saffron said...

Clever pretty Rosa. Now just start taking the bottle so your Mama can relax about having to leave you when she goes back to work. You're so beautiful and lovely, can't wait for you and Siahn to play together like George and Caelan.