Tuesday, November 11, 2008

38 weeks today

38 weeks pregnant...

Pics from the baby room...

The final piece of art over the cot... Dat Rosa Mel Apibus is a latin quote that means 'The Rose that gives honey to the bees'.

Things are ticking along nicely... besides the odd contraction, sore pelvis, aches and pains... baby is doing good. :) We are still on track to have her here at home... we have the birth pool all set up and ready to be brought into the lounge when labour starts and all the other stuff to make things comfy here.

I seem to have around the same size bump as when I was pregnant with George so I'm not really sure on her size as yet. I would say she'll be over 8lbs but you can't really know until after birth I guess. I'm enjoying these last few days of relaxing at home and spending time with my darling George before the craziness of managing a newborn and a little kid takes hold.

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